Equip leaders of new Christ-following communities in Los Angeles County and beyond

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Bridges nurtures leaders for new Christ-following communities. You can find Bridge Leaders in fitness centers, country clubs, inner-city parks, backyard children’s programs, local rock concerts, and in living rooms. Bridge Leaders use the best of missionary practice to engage people who would never join existing churches. If they won’t come to church, Bridge Leaders go to them. We seek to nurture 1000s of leaders who will start 100 new Christ-following communities in greater Los Angeles by 2021.

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This is how you can pray for us:

  1. Bridges Leaders stay COVID-free while finding ways to help those impacted by COVID
  2. More financial support for each Bridge Leader
  3. Many people outside the walls of the church would find life and hope in Christ
  4. Children trying to go to school from home and the parents trying to help them
  5. Secure potential new contracts to train groups in New Mexico and New York
  6. Thank God for new Bridge Leaders in TX and CA
  7. Thank God for new Board Member Todd Samuelson

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How to get involved:

  1. Provide Amazon Smile training
  2. Provide mentoring in podcasting and livestreaming
  3. Provide professional services including IT, legal, marketing, HR, and others
  4. Make phone calls
  5. Data Entry
  6. Send creative cards
  7. Write stories