Door of Hope

Empower families facing homelessless to transform their lives.

Homelessness in LA Panel with Megan Katerjian (Door of Hope), Andy Bales (Union Rescue Mission), and Shawn Morrissey (Union Station Homeless Services): Sunday, April 18, 7pm

You missed the live panel but you can still watch the recording here: Homelessness in LA Panel.

Door of Hope is a non-profit, faith based organization in Pasadena, CA with a mission to equip homeless families to rebuild their lives from homelessness to self-sufficiency to permanent housing. Since 1985, they have been providing transitional housing and a restoration program especially designed for homeless families with children.

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This is how you can pray for us:

  1. That God will continue to bless our families and bring healing during a very traumatic time – healing of broken minds, bodies and souls. Heal relationships with spouses, relationships between parents and children and relationships with the Lord.
  2. That each family at Door of Hope finds peace and opens their hearts and minds to doing the hard work needed to accomplish goals and make necessary changes in order to restore their emotional, physical, spiritual and financial health – setting them on a course of self-sufficiency.
  3. For all the families experiencing homelessness or on the verge of homelessness that God will make a way for them. That He guides and leads them to a place of hope and help – whether they are led to Door of Hope or to another organization, that they will find the help they need to begin a new chapter free from the worries and anxieties associated with facing homelessness.
  4. That the Lord blesses the Door of Hope staff with an abundance of patience, wisdom and energy to daily serve our families in a way that demonstrates Christian care and compassion.
  5. Provide Door of Hope with an amazing trust that God will do immeasurably more than we can imagine or expect and continue to show us ways to help even more families – with living spaces for families, finances to support our holistic programs, etc.
  6. For our graduated families that they will be blessed with abundance – they will continue to be employed or find employment, remain housed, and conquer any stumbling blocks. That they will rely on friendships built at Door of Hope as a support lifeline.
  7. That for families who do not yet know Him, they will seek Him and come to accept Him.
  8. That for all the moms and dads who are expecting new babies in the next few months, that the pregnancies will go smoothly and the babies are born healthy and without complications. Please lift any fear and anxiety around the birth.
  9. In the midst of COVID, keep our families safe. Provide our government leaders with the courage and wisdom to make decisions that will provide a safe place for our children to attend school in person, caring and compassionate child care so that parents can go back to work and an abundance of resources for all those who continue to struggle.
  10. Evictions bans will soon be lifted, creating a potential storm of families facing homelessness. Please ask for guidance that our leaders can work together to create solutions that will work, that landlords will have compassion and grace and seek resolutions that can work for both the renters and the landlords, protection for families facing eviction and that God will provide an abundance of resources to help those in need and that as Door of Hope is asked to step in and help, that we too have the ability to help families maintain their housing and refer them to additional resources.

Commit to pray for Door of Hope

  1. One of our most critical volunteer needs is for an individual(s) who can deliver weekly from Trader Joe’s in La Cañada to our undisclosed location nearby. This happens on Wednesday’s from about 9am – 11:30am. A pickup truck is necessary.
  2. Second will be a need for meal donors starting in May or June – covering meals for both Pasadena locations. This is a great opportunity for individuals, families or groups of friends to deliver home cooked meals for our families.
  3. We will have some opportunities for volunteers to help remake our playground areas at both locations in Pasadena this spring/early summer in addition to some potential assistance with some room makeovers we are hoping to get done.

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