Forman Christian College in Pakistan

Prepare future Christian leaders

Forman Christian College, founded in 1864 in Lahore, Pakistan, is a chartered Christian university with a mission to “love and serve one another.” Forman is a University with a “college” level to it.  Pakistan formal education ends at 10th grade so 11th and 12th grade is optional and is called “College.” Forman also has baccalaureate students, masters programs and doctoral programs. Together, they have over 8,300 students and over 340 faculty members.

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This is how you can pray for us:

COVID-19 has had quite an impact in Pakistan where there was already so much poverty. Chinese and Russian-made vaccines are being made available for health-care workers and seniors but have not yet filtered to the rest of the population. The impact of lockdowns was felt on campus when the financial aid office identified between 500 and 700 students who have never needed scholarships before who now do. Please pray for the following:

  1. Health and safety during COVID-19
  2. Financial provisions for students, their families, Forman’s faculty and staff
  3. Scholarships to support 24% of the student body who require financial aid to stay in school

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