Icthus International

Equip children for Christian service and leadership

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In preparation for service and leadership, Icthus International helps churches and organizations of all denominations in 15 countries in Latin America increase their ministry to children and youth. They provide materials, training, and encouragement, and they organize camps so these churches can be more effective in their most important mission – reaching and training young people.

Learn more at www.icthuskids.org.

This is how you can pray for us:

  1. Please pray for protection for Icthus leaders and children throughout Latin America from Covid-19. The vaccination process is very slow and distribution is difficult throughout Latin America. It may not be until the middle of next year that enough people will be able to get their shots.
  2. Please pray for the churches with Icthus groups and their desire and need to gather their congregations. We’ve developed a stay-at-home Icthus program for the children. We are encouraging churches to use that rather than gather children at the church for meetings. It is far more difficult for the churches there than it has been here in the USA.
  3. Please pray for our international team. Two are here in the USA (Don & Luis) and three are in Latin America (Samuel, Ester, & Rebeca). They develop the program materials and manuals and work with country leaders to encourage and coach them to keep growing the ministry to children despite the difficulties of Covid-19.

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