Mercy Ships

Provide free life-changing surgeries, medical care, and spiritual care

Help to prevent unnecessary deaths of Africa’s poor with Steve and Lisa Schwind. Mercy Ships serves the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the poor in the developing world through the use of hospital ships offering health care, surgery, and health education. They create access to hospitals and doctors in order to end preventable death and disease among the poor.

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This is how you can pray for us:

  1. For God’s continued financial provision for the Schwind family as they transition from ship life to living on land (due to COVID).
  2. For a successful shipyard and dry dock period for the m/v Africa Mercy ship as she prepares to return to Africa.
  3. Due to the various COVID restrictions and travel bans, the m/v Africa Mercy will not be able to return to service in Africa until 2022. This causes a lot of hardship for both the crew and their patients.
    • For the crew who returned to their home countries. Pray that God will provide housing and the finances needed until they are able to return.
    • For the more than 400 patients in Senegal who were not able to receive their surgeries. Please pray that God would sustain these patients until 2022.
    • For the patients who did receive surgery through Mercy Ships last year. Pray for their continued healing and that they would continue to seek after the Great Healer, Jesus Christ.

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