Youth With A Mission

Provide education and social enterprise training globally

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is a global movement, launching waves of missionaries into the world since 1960, driven by passion to know God and make Him known. Our partners are a husband and wife team serving refugees in Europe through empowerment, training, and discipleship. The husband is also bridging the gap between missions and Kingdom business through business as mission, BAM. He is equipping, coaching, and encouraging those with BAM enterprises that are bringing transformation to the least reached in the 10-40 Window. The wife also serves YWAM in a growing area of spiritual formation/direction. Along with serving as spiritual director to local and overseas missionaries, she is involved with training and equipping others in spiritual direction.

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  1. Pray that we are able to equip and train effectively on virtual platforms (Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp). Pray we will know when to transition back to in-person training/mentoring. We need patience, grace, skill, and ability in this new Covid/zoom age.
  2. Pray for wisdom about when to transition our refugee and spiritual direction teaching/training back to in-person.
  3. Pray that several MBB refugee leaders will be better equipped and encouraged by our weekly coaching video calls.
  4. Pray for the many refugees who are suffering from depression. They are in a foreign land, away from family and community support, and not able to speak the local language or even practice it due to Covid restrictions.
  5. Pray for the refugees utilizing virtual platforms and our evangelism, discovery Bible studies, and discipleship-making methods to grow the Kingdom in their home countries.
  6. Praise God for the many new virtual house fellowships started by refugees in their home countries.
  7. Pray for the new business training being developed and coaching, now all done virtually.
  8. Pray for the many Business As Mission enterprises that are struggling due to Covid restrictions.